Elections should pick the overall winner.

The candidate that beats all other candidates head-to-head is the overall winner. No election system in use does.
We're going to change that.



Rank the Candidates

Select your 1st choice, then 2nd choice, then 3rd, and so on. Any candidates you decide not to rank are considered tied for last place.

Split each ballot into head-to-head matchups

A ranked choice ballot is like a series of mini head-to-head elections; 1st choice beats 2nd choice. 1st choice beats 3rd choice. 2nd choice beats 3rd choice, etc.

Combine all of the head-to-head matchups from each ballot in the election

Take all those head-to-head, 1 on 1 mini-elections and add them up.
Let's say A beat B on 100 ballots. And B beat A on 25 ballots. Then the result would be A beats B by 75 votes! That's done for each pair of candidates.

Identify which candidate beats all other

The overall winner is the candidate that beats all others in head-to-head, 1v1 matchups. They're the undisputed winner!

Election wonk? Learn the details here.

How will Overall Winner Voting transform politics?

Spoilers don't exist with Overall Winner Voting so voters can vote with their hopes, not their fears. Putting a "long shot" candidate as your 1st choice doesn't hurt a "safe" candidate as your 2nd choice. So what will that change?

  • Many Candidates

    When there are no spoilers people can safely vote for the candidates they love without fear of helping the candidates they hate. This will allow an explosion of candidates.

Multiple Democratic and Republican Nominees

Without spoilers, the two major parties will nominate multiple candidates per major election to cover more ideological ground.

"3rd" Parties bloom and flourish

Since people can safely vote for anyone as their top choice new political parties will form and grow. Science Party anyone?

The end of Us-Vs-Them partisanship

Without the duopoly on candidates, the current two major parties will just become two of many. That will start to dissolve the cultural us-vs-them identity wars we're burdened with. We will recognize and appreciate our spectrum of beliefs.

Hate will no longer be politically supported

In our current two party system every interest group, even racists and hate groups, are courted by at least one of the parties. Voters in that party tacitly accept their presence because voting for the other party is even more heinous. In the future, with many parties each voter can be choosier, and safely vote with a higher standard.

Negative campaigning wanes

Ever notice how primaries (particularly large ones) are much cleaner than general elections? With fewer policy distinctions character becomes critical. With a full spectrum of candidates in general elections character will be a requirement to win.

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